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If you can't find the sunshine, 
                       be the sunshine
We are so much more than just self-tanning products. We are full of skin happy ingredients that leave your skin not only feeling tanned but healthy and moisturized. Let us get you ready for your next vacation, event, photoshoot or just everyday life because a good tan is the best accessory.

Spray Tan Services

Polished Glow Spray Tan

Get glowing with a custom airbrush spray tan.

See below for more information on aftercare and prepping for your spray tan appointment!


Prepare for Your Spray Tan

Skin Prep:
How to Achieve The 
Best Results
  1. EXFOLIATION: Make sure to rid your body of dead and dry skin before your visit. Use a loofah or non-oily body scrub during your pre-tan shower.

  2. HAIR REMOVAL: We recommend shaving or waxing any unwanted hair before your tanning application. Shaving or waxing directly after your application may result in removal of the tan.

  3. AFTER PRE-TAN SHOWER: We highly recommend that you avoid wearing deodorant, lotions, perfumes, oils or makeup. Please come with dry, clean skin only.

What to Wear & Bring to
Your Tanning Service

Wear loose fitting, dark clothing to your appointment. Be prepared to wear or bring whatever you will want to wear during your tanning application. We recommend dark or black underwear or a bathing suit( if you choose to wear anything at all).


Remember if you are getting your spray tan for a special event, and do not want lines, to prepare for that!

We recommend bringing a towel to sit on for the drive home if you are wearing shorts post tan.

How Does Spray Tanning Work?

Our Sunless tanning solution contains a "bronzer" or "guide color" to give you color instantly and aids us to see where the solution is being applied. The solution also contains DHA.


This is an FDA approved colorless sugar that is derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar care. DHA reacts chemically with the amino acid groups in the skin, forming a brown color on the skin.

Post Tan Care
  1. SHOWERING: Do not shower for at least 6-8 hours after your tanning application. Expect to see the "bronzer" run off your body in the shower. This is just the guide color . You will be left with a beautifully developed tan underneath. Do not use rough loofahs or scrubs right after your tan. You will want to wash with a soft cloth and basic body wash to preserve your tan as long as possible.

  2. ACTIVITIES: Do not plan on exercising, or doing any activities that include heating the body to the point of perspiration until after your first shower. Be careful not to splash water on your skin (no dishes/ cooking/ laundry)until after you are ready for your first shower (6-8 hours post tan).

  3. EXTENDING THE LIFE OF YOUR TAN: Your tan will last longer if you avoid extended baths/showers/ and exposure to chlorine and salt water. Remember to keep your skin well moisturized and hydrated. This will allow the tan to fade gradually and evenly.

  4. FADING: Once you see your tan start to fade, it is imperative to start exfoliating again. This is another step that will allow the tan to fade gradually and evenly.

Important Reminders
  1. If you are pregnant, please check with your doctor before coming in.

  2. If you are getting sprayed for a special event, please do a "trial" tan no less than three weeks before your event.

  3. If you have allergies and are concerned that you will have a reaction to the tanning solution, we will gladly do a test patch to make sure your skin does not react.

  4. There are a small percentage of individuals whose skin does not react favorably to sunless tanning. Skin type, medications and hormones all play a role in how your skin reacts to the tanning solution.

  5. Sunless tanning does not protect against the Sun! Please continue to wear sunscreen and avoid long sun exposure as if you were still pale!

  6. Please do not plan on receiving a tanning application if you have any open cuts or wounds, rashes, irritated eczema or psoriasis.

  7. Lastly, remember your "bronzer" can rub off (although it is minimum) on clothing, furniture and sheets before your first shower.

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